Surname Lover or Hater?

@annierose (18949)
November 10, 2008 4:43am CST
During our elementary up to college I was always on the first list of the alphabetical list of students in my teacher's class record. In seating arrangement, whenever they will arrange it alphabetically, I am most of the time at the first row. This is because my surname begins with "A". Sometimes, I get frustrated because of my surname. It is because in class recitation, I will be the first one to be called because again, of my surname. And what is not good is that sometimes I am not prepared to answer and I don't have any idea what to answer because I am the first one to be called. My friend whose surname begins in letter "Z" was upset also of her surname. She told me it's because she is always placed at the last chair in the class. In addition to that, sometimes she cannot recite anymore because sometimes the class is running out of time. How about you? Are you a surname lover or hater?
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• India
10 Nov 08
Hi friend, I can understand ur problem bcoz we also have the same system of arranging the roll nos. according to surnames.I did not have any problem like this because my surname starts from S.So i was always placed in the middle. But after seeing the fate of my friends during exams i would really thank god for giving me such a surname. In short, I am a surname lover..
• China
10 Nov 08
I haven't focus on this question too much , but in my thought , this is a very good chance to you . It can force you on study and you must learn them to prepare answers for these questions . Though I know study is personal business , it up to yourself . Tell the truth , if there is the chance to me , I will be happy . Certainly I can understand your feelings , but you can choose facing it with smile other than sad , becuase no matter what your feelings are , you can't chang the fact your surname is "A" , so don't sad .