Outsourcing jobs

November 10, 2008 6:04am CST
Hi ! Obama is elected as the president of America . In turn to get the economy up he will make sure that more and more people in America gets the job. For this sake he will cut the outsourcing jobs outside America . Many countries are dependent on this. Do you think is correct?
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• United States
11 Nov 08
i certainly do. you may not know it but jobs in america are very hard to find. so many plante have closed . he is the president of the u.s.a. & he should look after people here first.
• India
10 Nov 08
When we are thinking about the outsourcing, we should consider from the company part also. Company's are working for profits. Any company can withstand without the profits. If the government is doing the needful for the company then they can arrange these jobs there itself.
@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
10 Nov 08
well outsourcing not only hurts the country that does it but the country receiving the jobs as well. why do companies outsource? cheap labor. many people can not find good jobs to feed and cloth their family not to mention to pay rent or mortgage because of this issue. Companies lay off workers and outsource the jobs to other countries for way less pay. So if not cutting but reducing the number of outsourced jobs will for sure be a plus for both sides involved in the long run.