are Unions needed today

@jyaegel (161)
United States
November 10, 2008 6:13am CST
I seen a lot of talk lately about unions not being what they used to be. I am a union worker and have benifitted greatly from them. At the same time I don't think some of the unions around are really doing what they are supposed to be doing supporting or hourly work force. My current local has always been there for me and helped but as I here people from other unions talk there union doesn't give them the support they need. I ask them what they mean and they said heres the deal our union reps work on there own time they do not get payed to stay after there normal work schedual being payed by the company they are working for and there for If you ever need anything from them they say you have to come in only during there restricked hours. So the questions are 1. should there be unions in all of the work places and 2. should the union rep be working on the floor at the company and representing the worker on there own time after hours?
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