@lou_66 (909)
November 10, 2008 6:42am CST
i am a really big fan of seafood. i enjoy prawns and musscles and most things fishy! (though i really hat cockles). my mother cannot stand seafood at all and when we get a chinese take away, she picks out all of the prawns and gives them to me. do you enjoy seafood? what kind of seafood do you like if any? please share
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@blazivic (100)
• Lebanon
11 Nov 08
Hi lou_66! I enjoy seafood much! i never miss out the opportunity of eating some.Well i like mainly fish and shrimps, not to mention the calamari.Lobsters and crabs are delicious too,but only if someone will peal the shells for me, because i'm not good at all in that,i just eat! Hope you enjoy seafood as much as i do.
@lou_66 (909)
12 Nov 08
i am rubbish at peeling the shelss too! if i am going to cook something at home it has to be ready peeled or doesnt have a shell like cod or tuna. thanks for responding and happy mylotting