Woman in red

@mokbul (616)
November 10, 2008 7:16am CST
Few days back I had been reading a article on yahoo.com.sg that woman in red dress attracts the man most. mylotters male friends - Do you agree with that?
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@hildas (3031)
10 Nov 08
I actually think this might be true. I went out for a night out with my husband, and on the way home we passed a bar with a crowd of men standing outside it. I cossed the street, and the next thing they where all singing 'Lady in red to me' by Chris Deburg. I certainly attracted attention that night. The whole street was smiling. I felt embaressed and my Husband was not too pleased. It was harmless fun though. I have never got so much attention as I did that night in my red dress. I have never wore it since. I think that article on yahoo is probably correct.
@mokbul (616)
• Singapore
10 Nov 08
Thanks Hildas. Thanks for sharing true life experience. I think articles on site yahoo are well thought and tested before they really publish some attractive article like this one.
@anikakim (364)
• Philippines
10 Nov 08
I agree with that. Red is an attractive color. My favorite color is Red. Red and Green is the color of Christmas. right? Have you notice that foods that are tempting to eat are color red green because its just like an appetizer. Women wear red dress are Hot to the eyes of men.
@jackiew (915)
• Canada
10 Nov 08
I really don't know for sure as i have never wore a red dress.I do know there is a song called "lady in red" and another called "my red high heels",so there may be some truth regarding red.[lol]I will definitely have to try wearing a red dress.[lol]I tend to stick to black for dressing up as i carry a little extra weight.
@loxion (1551)
• India
10 Nov 08
Never, i'm attrated to beautiful ladies no matter what they are light skin or dark skin and no matter what they are wearing, as long as they are beautiful i'm always tempted to say what on my mind