Do you know any Chinese around you ? or what's your impression to Chinese

November 10, 2008 8:39am CST
In China, Confucius is the backbone of Chinese culture.Do you know any Chinese around you? what are their habbits, the way of handling things,the Chinese food,any thing about the impression of Chinese people?
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@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
10 Nov 08
Hi silentsnow! For me, I know a lot of Chinese people around me; in fact, I myself am from the Chinese race, just that I don't come from China - my ancestors do. In my opinion, I think Chinese people are really hardworking people, and I guess this is just the way that they are brought up to be. That is why we can see the labour force is very cheap in China, because the competition of being employed depends on how hard you can work but the salary is low. Chinese food is awesome - I really love dim sum and dumplings, so I always look forward to "yum cha" sessions with friends and family members. They make my mouth water! I like the festivities of Chinese people as well, and festivals like Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival are among those festivals that I truly enjoy. For instance during Chinese New Year, I love to get red packets ("ang pows" as Chinese people call it), watch lion dance performances, and also enjoy the cookies and visiting relatives. Overall, Chinese people are a great bunch of people, and I am indeed proud to be of the Chinese race. For all Westerners, if you really get to know Chinese people better, you will see that Chinese people are not that bad after all - try it and see!
@HeZP_CHN (168)
• China
10 Nov 08
I am so glad you show your curiosity about China,i am a Chinese.hope you can learn more about China. happy my lotting