Parents or Friends decide on your path ...

November 10, 2008 9:25am CST
Parents can only give good advise ... or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. by Anne Frank But i believe that Friends influence us more than our parents do ... Me, since my junior high, i was with a group of fun loving intelligent friends, who actually build my competative character especially in education. Another girl friend of mine from primary school, was in the "intelligent" group earlier and when she joined junior high she joined the wrong group, and she dropped out of school how far do you agree on this friends influence as being more effective on a person than the parents cheers
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@biggerb (2028)
• India
14 Jan 09
Once children set out of home they spend very less time with the parents.Most of the time is spent with friends.As you rightly said Parents can only advise.I had a bitter experience.My Son had friends in his high school who led him away from the main stream.They used to bunk their tuitions and enjoy themselves loafing around.When the final exams came they manged to pass and my son was so playful he never got through.all his teachers knew it was his friends who influenced him.It takes time for them to realize their mistakes.
• United States
15 Nov 08
More than anything, my parents, siblings and friends showed me what I did not want in my life. I was always painfully shy, and I think that made me more observant than most. It also allowed me to try out various scenarios in my head and in my journal that helpped me focus on what I want life to be. Traits I disliked in others were not going to be part of who I am. Although I was pretty advanced as a kid, it took mee until I was in my forties to finally sort it all out, and get rid of all the toxins (no things) and cherish the treasures (yes things). I wish I'd learned earlier about the values that were me, but it was better late than never! The family had to go. I must have been switched with another child at birth or something. There is no way I fit with that group. Introspection isn't something we should learn later in life. It should be in every school's curriculum. Life isso beautiful! We need to learn that as early in life as possible! Yes, it can change as both th person and the world change.
@biggerb (2028)
• India
13 Nov 08
I fully agree with you.Friends can really sway a person.One has to be very lucky to be in a good group of friends.More than being lucky one has to be very careful in choosing your friends.For me I was lucky enough to have the right kind of friends.But I did have a bad experience with my son.He had friends who led him away from the main stream he got carried away and he did very badly in his studies while they did well and went ahead.Even today I feel he is what his friends are.He has different groups of friends and I can see the influence on him whether good or bad.I keep praying that he should be in good company.As parents we cannot keep monitoring their friends but as much as we can we should keep track of them.I always encourage my son to bring his friends over so that I get to know them.
• China
10 Nov 08
in the first place no doubt that it is no one else but yourself will eventually determine your own fate. laters,it depends as to be asked for showing the views who are supposed to be more influential on your way of life. regularly on the road of lifetime ,you are constantly given fatherly and motherly love from parents meanwhile you have received brotherly and sisterly love from your dear friends.therefore,that how much weight respectively with your inner scale ,regarding love from parents and from friends ,will be heavily determined upon your estimation.