need help locating sale ads online

United States
November 10, 2008 9:54am CST
i lived in dalls many years and there we get the sales papers in our mail boxs here though i have noticed that doesnt happen. i live in bfe. so black friday is coming and i wants to know who has what on sale so i know where to go. last few years i went to the normal places i usally go and just hoped for the best this year i want an idea and a plan. my money is tight and i have to figure out what my kids need not what they want and how i can afford it all. where can i go to get the sales papers online for black friday. i know alot of stores dont have it out yet but when and where do i go. someone please help. my kids need clothes, shoes, blankets, and stuff liek that and that is what i am looking for. toys would be nice but the other things are coming first and that is probably going to be it at the rate my money is going. thanks everyone for any help with any stores or sites.
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