Wednesday Moon

November 10, 2008 10:59am CST
You stop! You do not know Where to go When all else fails And when all else trails Behind the jugular way The Wednesday Moon comes alive From the ambushed clouds And you stalk Silently in shadows Like an undone jazebelle Caressing her feelings Dancing down the underground For you, only for you But you know There is no one God No one long sky To go from one end to the other When you get lost in the slimy light Yet the darkness too far To cross the wind before you know Of all the so little things She has done for you Just the so little things To happen in you Knowingly through the Wednesday Moon Through the sadness of happiness And you go for her unknowingly When you know there is no only one God No one sky to die for your one and only aliby And nothing to take the blame To say goodbye so soon As there disappears the undone Wednesday Moon.
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