what are the things that you do to bring more pasion into your marriage?

United States
November 10, 2008 3:57pm CST
My husband works alot and sometimes we get so involved in other things that we forget about each other and I want to have that connection that we once had but I don't where to start. What are the things that you do to keep your love alive?
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• India
11 Nov 08
Its so simple...First of all arrange your time schedule....During week ends go for a shopping with your husband, go for a movie, get surprise gifts for him, Like watches,shirts, perfumes etc...On his bday give him a surprise gift which he would like to have, the price of gift doesnt matter whether its costly or cheap...Prepare delicious food at home, try new and new recipes, twice a month or more go for a dinner to a resturant, Make short love notes as a gift for him, while at work you can call him and enquire whether he had food? whether he is tired? You can share everything with him doesnt matter whether its related with job or house hold. Show patience, show love as much you can, Never make complaints about his family, friends or his work.Be a good listener. After he return back from office give him a hug and kiss on his forehad...there are many ways to maintain a good relationship with your husband.
@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
Well were also a busy couple but we usually give each other a quality time. Twice a month we go out even it's just simple. We usually think of something different. Like walking in the park at night or walking in the near the sea shore. I think romance should always exist in a relationship. Lately we were thinking to put a table on our room. Maybe even we do have our own kids already we still deserve to be alone sometimes.My fiancee is kind a imaginative. So how about dinner with candle light in our room. That no one can even disturb us. While listening to our favorite song. Why not surprise him one of these days buy him something, even it's not his birthday,with a love letter on it. Have a nice day!
@Samanthavv (1383)
• United States
10 Nov 08
That's a tough question to answer. It's hard to keep the intial "spark" in your relationship and honestly, I don't think you CAN keep the initial head over heels infatuation alive. Your relationship should progress to a comfortable level. And there might not be a lot of passion, but you can show you love each other in the little things, like starting your partners car when it's cold, slipping a card in their front seat, or simply telling them you love them.
@jmp_72 (246)
• Seychelles
10 Nov 08
That is not healthy for your relationship. You should make time for each other, set specific time apart, even once a week to spend quality time with each other. Do things that you liked to do together when you were still dating. Once in a while do little unexpected things to him, like send a little love token to his work place, leave little love note for him at home if you going to bed and he is not home yet, send him sweet sms when u are apart, if he is going to be late wait up for him in sexy nightie.... Do things to spice up your desire for each other.