weird? creepy? coincidence? have an explanation?

United States
November 10, 2008 8:49pm CST
today I went into my crawl space to get something out of one of my boxes... In front of my boxes, is my tarot card set, right where I had left it. I dug through the boxes looking for my power cord for my nintendo wii, and in the bottom of a box of bras and undies, were my tarot cards... they were out of their case where I had left them, in the bottom of a different box, neatly stacked. weird thing is that the 14 on top were facing down, and the rest were facing up... I don't know how they got that way first of all because they always face the same direction when I put them away... i don't know how they got there... Have any ideas? Is there a way to read tarot with 14 cards instead of 7-10? I thought that maybe I shouldn't shuffle them... that maybe those 14 mean something... that a ghosty is trying to clue me in on something? Confused... help?
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