How Will U React To This Rumour????

November 10, 2008 9:09pm CST
hi friends its pretty common of hearing rumours and ofcourse we will enjoy rumours isnt it?? Then what would be ur reaction if that same rumour knocks ur door??? Consider this small situation which will usually take place in every 1 life..!! See we do have best friends who is a girl/boy now consider a situation that there came a rumour with ur friend saying that ur in affair with him/her butu dont really have feelings for him/her then what would be ur reaction and how would u face this kind of situation..!! I have also faced this situation at my schooling age and i dint know what to do and i lost her as my friend as i stopped talking to her as i thought it willl be the best solution what would u do friends ?????????
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@silverglint (2001)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
I would react the same way I would react to all other rumors,I would try to find the source of the rumor and also talk to the person involved. Since I know that it is a rumor then I know that there is a culprit. Someone who started the story. It may not necessarily be my friend and I am not willing to risk friendship just for a foolish rumor. I would make sure that I get the true story and find out why the rumor started.
• India
11 Nov 08
but i guess surely it will do some damage to relationship between frens rite!!