Html code: I-Frame Rules

@Djtnz1 (33)
New Zealand
November 10, 2008 11:56pm CST
What are thay?? Is there Any?? Example: I've Created a site that Test Paid-to-read site to find out if thay really payout to there members. to make is easier for my friends and members i have made a site that has quick links to These PTR sites But in a I-Frame Html code Box Placing the Whole PTR web site on my web page. On Top of this main page there are stats that inform My Members and Friends on how much our top member has made and how close to minimin payout he is. like Member; JoeBlog Credits 4780Euros minimin Payout 5000 92.8% Completed +++++++++++BELOW THIS MARK IS PTR SITE IN FULL PAGE IN I-Frame HTML code BOX+++++++++++ Is this allowed one of my members question me about this. so i thought i'll better find out. Thanks for reading DJTNZ
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