Vedio Leecher of the forums

@rezax123 (395)
November 11, 2008 10:14am CST
Some Forums Showed that the Vdo Leechers r Bad. but in real life it help the uploader with something every time. but those stupid Forums Stuff forget bout that.if these Leecher wasnt there than Nobody will upload any thing.than the forums will lost their 80% of users. its the truth but nobody brave enough to accept that. what r u think bout it guys. if this leechers wasnt there than the uploading will decrease in 30%. than it will harm the forums growth. But Those Fools who run the forums not have the knowledge.What u Think bout it guys?? i have some forum of my own. i mean i was Admin i 3 forums and at first i cut off some stupid rules from there. and that increase the member. but i m a busy person so i m not doing that job now.U never can get any member with strike rules. Internet is a open place its not a school or ur home. even its not a kingdom and u r not a King here.If u r a King than dont invite the poor people in ur forums in First Place.Am i right guys??
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