Do you really think men are from mars and women are from venus??

@JayJashG (290)
November 11, 2008 11:03am CST
After reading the Book "Men are from mars Women are from Venus", I am able to understand every single thing that I do either getting mood swings or getting really excited.. :) Its not that I have no idea about how I should be but having a more specific meaning to life is what interests me.. It is a good book and is recommended for young couples to understand mood swings of their partner better.. PS: Recommended book for all! :P
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• India
21 Nov 08
nooo! PSST I'M A MAN! loool but i heard the book is damn interesesting i'm lookin at local bookshops n i cant find it :(
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@KrauseHome (36748)
• United States
12 Nov 08
Yes, this is a really good book for sure. I totally agree that every couple needs to read this one together if they have not already as there is a lot you can learn about each other from this book as well. The main thing people need to remember is nothing ever sets everything in stone, but if you can learn what makes a certain person tick, and willing to work with anything you have to work with as a couple as well, anything is possible, even when you might have a disagreement as well.
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@bamakelly (5193)
• United States
21 Nov 08
I have heard of this book. It has come out a long time ago. I have not gotten around to reading it though. It always seemed interesting to me. I understand that both sexes have their differences. There is no way of getting around it. Men have their point of view and women have theirs. It is what makes the world go around. If everyone thought the same way it would not make much sense. We can learn from each other when it comes to the many differences. Men and women are always going to speak a different language.