Counter strike 1.6 online anyone?

November 11, 2008 3:46pm CST
Hello out there, is there anyone playing Counter strike 1.6 online out there? i'm now currently playing CS1.6 using GG Garena. It's a very good game and i hope you all can join it. Anyone who is currenly playing CS1.6 mind to share with me your experience or comment about this game? My Garena account is "katyeong"... feel free to let me know if u're 1 of them too =) For me, i like to play action game because it practices out skills and our creative mind. We need to be very skillful and sharp in order to control the whole situation smartly. I can't say i'm very pro at it but i can say im not noob at it too. :) I really wish to play with all players around the world. So, anyone please say something here. =)
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@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
11 Nov 08
I played it for a few years until I got a little bored of it. I still remember the last days of CS 1.6. I was playing KZ (climbing) and Soccer (Football) maps. I had a lot of fun with it those maps. Than I tried CS:Source but it simply wasn't the same. Plus Valve added some things to CS:Source which simply destroyed the whole fun of the game for me. Like the new minimap where you could even see your enemy if someone from your team has seen him. I mean, how stupid is that? Besides that it was a lot easier than CS 1.6. Than I switched to Day of Defeat for a few months until DoD:Source was out. Its really a great game and I had a lot of fun with it to. Right now I am more or less playing Team Fortress 2. There you have it. Countless hours of fun from online FPS games. :)
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• Malaysia
12 Nov 08
hehe icic.. yeah.. valve was added and i can see that a lot of fun were destroyed. Anyway.. i still enjoy it and i like Team fortress 2 too. Now im also playing Enemy Territory Quake Wars. Dunnoe you know it or not. It worth u to have a try. :)