Did your discussion have a deadline?

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@kholid78 (341)
November 11, 2008 4:55pm CST
Hi Mylotter As a newbie when I wish to make a new discussion I will visit and evaluate some antecedent ones. Because I don't wish to make a similar discussion topic. In fact was true, I found them. I found the similar discussion such as I will do so. Thats no matter at all. Hence with my pleasure I give some comment there. Although it had been posted 4 months - 2 years ago. But I am a little disappointed because after many weeks I have no feedback comment. Even I need to draw a perfect conclusion there. So please forgive me for I must ask you: Did your discussion have a deadline? and why? sincerely
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@liquorice (3901)
12 Nov 08
Do you mean that you didn't get a reply from a comment that you left on somebody else's discussion? Or do you mean that you started a discussion yourself but nobody replied? Sorry, but I'm not clear on what you mean. If it's that the person starting the discussion didn't respond to your comment, well that's not uncommon. Not everybody replies to comments that people make, and people often don't get time to respond to every single answer that they get. If it's an old discussion, then it's possible that the person who started it might not even be active any more. If you're saying that nobody has replied to your own discussion, don't be disheartened; that's just the way it goes sometimes. It's difficult to know which topics will interest people, and sometimes the number of responses can depend on the time that you posted it, and how many people are around at that moment! Discussions don't have deadlines, so you can reply to any question, no matter how old it is. I hope this helps!
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@kholid78 (341)
• Indonesia
12 Nov 08
Thanks for helpful comment, Liquorice I get one or more comment from each my own discussion. I often get a replay from a comment that I left on somebody else's new discussion. But I didn't get a replay on old one. Perhaps they just forgot what they have been started. But others still can visit it till now. It approves that its always online and always up to date, unless it violates the rules. Or they might not even be active any more as you said. Then if I need a conclusion about their old discussion, what I should do now? Do I have to make the same one?