07 bux has cheated me big time!!!

United States
November 11, 2008 10:14pm CST
07bux has returned but they appear to be a scam now. I was paid by them once, months ago. I purchased 5 refs and was waiting for a second payout when the site went down, about 1 week before my payout was due. The site was gone a long time, now that they are back, it appears my account has been deleted and the did not respond to my e-mail asking what happened. I am so fed up with ptc sites. How on earth can you trust any of them? This site even PAID me once, and now the just up and delete me for now reason. I would not even know how to cheat if I wanted to! There is no way I did anything wrong. I don't understand how these sites stay in business if they keep messing with people or scamming people like this? I have had problems with Crewbux, who kept deleting my cashout request and now upped their minimum and deleted my request again, and Idealbux, who did the same thing. It's so dishonest, why doesn't everyone else just leave? I don't want to waste my time any more. I have been paid by several ptrs, sure I do "more work" for the money, but at least I am getting it, 1-2 dollars at a time, using several sites, it does add up.
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@rosdimy (3935)
• Malaysia
12 Nov 08
At least you managed to get paid once. My payout request just vanished in cyberspace. The new 07Bux seems to have deleted all members of the old 07Bux. When the old 07Bux disappeared I knew something was going on because I was greeted with a page indicating the new site was under construction. Maybe it has new owners. I do not intend to rejoin since it cannot be guaranteed the same thing would not happen again. Some people may find it hard to leave because they have invested money and time and hope things would eventually turn out fine. An example is buxto. It was heavily condemned by some people yet it is still alive. Some people have changed their stance towards buxto because they do pay, albeit veeery slow.