Favorite moment (SPOILERS, don't read if you aren't finished with all episodes)

@crandr (70)
United States
November 11, 2008 11:20pm CST
What is your favorite moment from all the episodes of lost? maybe it made you laugh or made you happy, made you cry, or just made you say "what the heck just happened?" There are so many to choose from. Or maybe you have a favorite episode. My favorite episode I think was when Desmond kept going back in time. The episode is known as "The Constant" Thoughts?
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• Philippines
22 Dec 08
My favorite moment was when Sawyer had a child with the girl she conned..He was in prison but was released when he helped the feds..he got paid but he put the money in her daughter's name..it makes you think that Sawyer ain't that evil at all..he has a good side even though he was a con man..my other favorite moment was when hurley tried to rev the dharma van back to life..it was so inspirational..life before the crash for him was all bad luck..in that episode,he finally found good luck..
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
I like the episodes where they tell Jin and Sun's love story back in Korea ... their relationship has come a long way since they first fell in love with each other. I was in tears when Sun was crying from the plane because Jin wasn't able to make it in time to join them