can you understand your professor's handwritings?

November 12, 2008 5:38am CST
we've arrive at our science room lab. problems are written on the board, formulas are also written at the rightside. our professor in physics is the one who wrote the problems and formulas. i can read the problems clearly, but in formulas i need to ask my classmate about it but he got the same problem, he can't also understand our prof's handwritting. our prof. is rewriting the formulas on the other board but still i can not understand it clearly
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• Canada
5 Feb 09
Yeah, even though they write badly I can read poorly written handwriting I have some of the worst writing in the world, so I'm used to it xD
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
5 Feb 09
i don;t get understand one of the professor handwriting in my college days.i asked my friend about the words which i din;t understand when he wrote .if we ask him also ,he can repeat us .he never minded to tell to us more times. but other professors hand writing is understandable.
@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
29 Dec 08
Some professor's handwritig are understandable while some are not. So it depends on differnt people. so, for such handwritings I have to peep into my friends copy as se is able to understand.
• United States
15 Dec 08
I believe that I am gifted at understanding handwriting. I completed two internships for high school teachers and taught myself to understand handwriting a bit more. I'm now in college, and most of the time understanding handwriting is not a problem. Atleast that statement held true until this year. I had a professor who had terrible handwriting. Our grades were based on the editing of our papers, so understanding the comments was particularly important. Several of my classmates had the same problem. I went to the professor's office hours and she was quite helpful in understanding her writing. In your situation, I don't think that office hours will be helpful. You can take the risk of asking the professor to write more clearly, but you take the chance of upsetting the professor. Since they have ultimate control over your grades, it might not be the best idea.
@Rexdoron (345)
• Malaysia
5 Dec 08
hye everyone!! professor's handwritings.?? erm..we have no professor in our college but we do have lectures that has a bad handwritings. i dont know what their problems are, but i think they turn out to be like that because of several factors such as: - they are like that since they are kids..never change.. - they are lazy to write.. - they dont really know what they they make it like that to cover their mistakes. - or, they are too genius and has a very broad knowledge that their thinking speed is remarkably faster than their writing speed..making them write so fast..
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
I have a gift in reading hard to read handwritings. I have a cousin whose handwriting looks like hieroglyphics.