I Feel I Love You

November 12, 2008 12:19pm CST
I feel I love you, I love you I feel it in my chest, in my stomach when I love you In rain or sunshine and in moonlight I feel you everywhere I go, everywhere I come Everywhere it is you, only you I seem to know day and night Only you I feel in my breath and my blood runs warm Whether you are in my eyes or whether you are in my ears I see you and I hear you, only you I know, I know Only you I follow in my shadows and with you only I happen to come and go Whatever you do, whatever you say I feel you in light and darkness In light and darkness whenever you be I feel you, I feel I only love you whoever you be Whoever you be I fall for you I fall for everything you have, everything you not have I fall for you whenever the cloud rumbles and everything crumbles I fall for you if you are the happiness, even if you are the darkness As darkness never diminishes you, darkness never diminishes me Even when you have the discreet charm ever deludes you as that is not to be Even when you want to be what you are not Even when my yearnings fail me by what you are not But I know what you are and what you are not And I know who you are not, who you are and what you are to be I feel I love you whatever and whoever you may be And whenever you are, wherever you are you never cease to be.
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