How long??

November 12, 2008 1:27pm CST
How long are you insearch of a genuine online job? or How long are you doing online job and earning a pretty cool amount? Waiting for your response,,Happy myLotting...
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@stinge (808)
• United States
12 Nov 08
I have been looking for serious extra income online for a few years. The problem is there are too many scams out there. Every site has that popular fraise that says something like "learn how to make $3-$5,000 a month and live the life you allways wanted". You ever notice how they post pictures of people with these fake testimonials. And I love it when the person who owns the website has pictures of all these fancy cars and houses and all these material things that most people want to draw you in. Then at the bottom of the page it tells you that they are willing to send you $400 of information for a one time fee of $49.99. Either that or it's something like all you have to pay is the $9.99 shipping and handling cost. I do hope I find a real legitimate company out there some day. Right now mylot is paying people, even though it's nothing that i can make a living off of. It motivates me to see how many discussions I can start and respond to to see how mmany more few pennies get added to may earnings. The only pay websites that i seem to run across that are legitimate are survey websites. But they pretty much pay just as much as mylot. and you don't get surveys sent to you all the time. I'm looking for an online job that will pay me some serious money. I'm not trying to become rich in one month. If I could make an extra $300 a month with the potenitial to earn more that would be great. Start small and work my way up.