Do you like your neighbors?

United States
November 7, 2006 2:26pm CST
MIne are annoying because they are always slaming the doors, and listening to gospel and preaching music really loud. And when my baby cries they come over to see if everything is ok. that just is annoying. Please share your experiences
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
11 Jan 07
Sounds to me like you have some annoying neighbors just like we do.. Aren't we the lucky ones, huh?! . . The ones on our right are fine.. He says a friendly hello every once in a while & doesn't bother us.. But.. Well the one's on my left on the other hand.. I didn't like for the longest time.. Reason being because of the fact that.. In the summer time he would spray insect spray (pesticide) along the fence area to get rid of the insects that we're hanging around there.. Thing is he know's we have a dog.. So we confronted him telling him that if the dog was to either lick that or anything along those lines.. That our dog would become very ill, or worst die from it.. And he didn't even care, he swore at us & was just down right rude.. And he could get sued from not taking our wishes in to respect.. So we'd always have to go & spray that stuff on his side just so our dog wouldn't end up getting in that stuff & getting ill.. It really always concerned me.. As every time she'd go out to do her business I'd be staring out the window, paranoid that she'd end up getting in to something & it would end up harming her in some way.. I was always so concerned. And they would have there grandchildren over & they would taunt my dog.. Trying to hit it, or screaming at it.. My dog just disliked those kids so much because they'd pick on her.. There we're so many times a few summers ago that I'd go out there & tell them to stop taunting her & they'd giggle.. They as well used to rag on my dog for barking at them.. Well she's going to bark at you if you keep on teasing her.. Some people need to get there heads examined.. And quite honesty these neighbors.. They are just those type of neighbors who do whatever they want, without caring how people may feel. Now they are a lot nicer since I put them in there place.. And they don't bother us as often & have adjusted to my dog.. And my dog has adjusted to them as well.. But I still can't forget about all the drama we we're put through those two summers because of them.. Sometimes I wish we had those type of neighbors who we're friendly & you'd know if there was an emergency that you could turn to them.. But I feel I am unable to do that with them..
• United States
13 Jan 07
aw man. your neighbors sound like some loosers with no respect for anyone. Im glad u put them in their place. I really hate people like that. they should be friendly. Thandks for sharing with me. its nice to know im not the only one with stupid neighbors.