Was i rude ??

November 12, 2008 8:18pm CST
Days before i called my male colleague of 63yrs old who is outstation to check the number of guest who went for tour with him few weeks back as i need to pay the related bill to supplier. I started by asking if he is coming to the office. He was a bit annoyed and told me i should have checked if he is around before i asked him that sort of question. Then i proceed with the main reason of my phonecalls. Few days after he came in the office early morning proceeded to my place and started scolding me with regards to my phone call to him previously as according to him i should not called him for no reason. As obviously my phone call was with firm official reason i scolded him more. I felt sorry anyway as i should hv some respect towards him as i m younger half of his age but.....was i rude ?
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@ladygator (3468)
• United States
13 Nov 08
No I dont think that you were rude. You were performing your job. A lot of times there are people at a job, especially elders, who tend to get short with other co-workers. Not that it is okay at all but I would just write it off to save yourself future issues with this guy. Also I am not sure what line of work you are in or where you are but there are many people really suffering emotionally from all the struggles in our economy. Maybe even more of the older ones since they are the ones who are most effected by loss of retirement and so forth. Not to say this is whats going on, but just to offer ideas to help you out.
• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
thanks for your opinion, ladygator. By the way, i work in tourism line in malaysia.
@rsa101 (30584)
• Philippines
13 Nov 08
Well I guess since its line with your work that you were calling I think ages does not matter in there anymore but the responsibility of each and everyone. I think you might be wrong in not verifying if he was at work at that time but he has no right to tell you that since you were just performing your job to call whoever you think is responsible. You mistake is common especially when everything is under stressed and pressure.