How Paypal works?

November 12, 2008 9:00pm CST
How i can get the money? Or it only works on net buys..? Thanks
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• Nepal
18 Jan 09
i had posted similar discussion fewdays ago. you can find answer there
@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
1 Dec 08
You have to post new discussions and reply to other people discussions. The greater number yyou post the greater earnings you receive. You have to receive a minimum payout of then us dollars in order that you will be able to cash them in your paypal or alertpay account. © ronaldinu 2008
@kiinin (336)
23 Nov 08
Hi Liz Good day, my friend..PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. You can use it to pay for online auctions, purchase goods and services. You can even use it to send cash to someone. As for withdrawal of money.. you can withdraw through bank transfer or by requesting a check.. or by PayPal debit Card... some fees might applies for money transaction.. Happy myLotting. Have a Cheerful day!!
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
How can you get the money? It depends on where you live. Many countries are approved by Payppal. Unfortunately account holders living in countries like Malaysia (the country that I am living in now) are unable to withdraw the money. I believe this is because PayPal has no office/representative in Malaysia. They have 4 options. 1) Open up an account at a physical bank in Singapore. This is the nearest location for West Malaysians. PayPal has an office in Singapore. This means they can make a request to have the money transferred into their bank account. 2) Use the money for payments accepted through the Internet Buying goods is an example. 3) Find an exchanger who is trustworthy to and have several Internet bank accounts to transfer money into an account which can easily be withdrawn or transferred from Malaysia. This means they have to open at least another account at MoneyBookers. Others include egold and AlertPay (has an office in Malaysia) 4) All of the above. Check on PayPal website whether your country is in the same situation as Malaysia. IF so, think of the options above. Best of luck