Recycled holiday gifts

@sk66rc (4257)
United States
November 12, 2008 9:49pm CST
With Christmas coming up right around the corner, I was just wondering, has anyone gotten or given recycled gifts? What do you do with the gifts you have received that you don't really like or don't have any use for, maybe a duplicate gifts? 2 years ago, my girl friend have received a pair of shoes that I'm yet to see her wear. I asked her about it & she says she doesn't really like that pair of shoes & they don't really have anything to wear that will match with them.
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• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
Actually I don't celebrate Christmas, but I usually have to give away gifts because in my big family, we follow a tradition that in each wedding we have to exchange gifts with each other. So it means each person in the family has to buy 5 items of gifts to be donated to the wedding. Later, the gifts will be used as lucky draw items. I have received many gifts in the past weddings which were useless to me. Some of them are like plastic glasses which I never use. I live with my husband only, and we only use real glasses and not plastic ones. If I have kids, maybe I will use plastics. Other than that, I received a set of kids clothes which definitely can't be used by either of us. So we just donated the clothes to a newborn baby neighbor that we visited some time after the wedding. To me, it is perfectly alright to give away gifts which we cannot use or dislike because it is better we give it away than throwing it into the attic. At least we are making use of the thing and giving happiness to whomever that really needs the thing.
• Singapore
13 Nov 08
well, my mum does that almost all the time for christmas and any other occasion. whenever we receive a brand new gift which she perceives as useless to me or my brothers, she'd tell us not to remove the plastic wrapping, so that she can give it away to other people as recycled gifts during other occasions. sometimes i don't like it, when i feel the gift is quite meaningful, because it's like, other people might have spent so much time trying to buy or prepare the gift, and you just give it away like that, and that's unfair to the person who gave the gift. it'll be a totally different story for people who give recycled gifts to me though.