Will you agree that someday robot will rule the earth?

November 13, 2008 3:57am CST
That's possible. Welcome in the world of new technology and gadget. Were un the year of 2008. Will come the year of 2009, 2010, 2011 and so and so on... And new gadget and technology they will discover and invente. All houses will build in a high building where we can touch the clouds and cars are now flying in the sky with airplane. Everyone own the very high technology houses with remote control and a robot "maid". Yeah you hear it right, because of being tardiness of people they created a machine or a robot who can help them to clean up their mess. And the big creation of people is the robot that like exactly a human that they have their own feelings like love, happiness and anger. until they come up that they can't control those their creat, instead those robot argue to the people and decided to own a place and that's EARTH! Think about it! People are really genius, smart and talented everything they want to study and learn, that's possible they will creat a thing that can make really big problem on earth. Will you agree that someday they rule our world?
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• United Kingdom
13 Nov 08
I sincerely hope not! I would however love to have my own personal robot catering to my needs! I love computers and I certainly love the world of technology! We are in a credit crunch right now and so, I don't have the means to purchase those lovely gadgets that are coming out. It is my hope though that I will venture down this road. I hope that I live long enough to see what kind of technology is coming out onto the market. I have to admit, I definitely like that robot Asimo, I think it's called. I want one of those but they must cost a fortune! Andrew
• India
13 Nov 08
Hi ! World is moving with a great pace esp. in technologies . I mean world is advanced really quick . Even we look back few years things has dramatically changed since as far as technologies is concerned . I think this will definitely continue for years to come ....may be who knows robot will be the order of the world . I wont say robot will rule because human will always hold the upper hand . Yeah but we wont deny that they will come into existence.
• United States
13 Nov 08
they are already ruling earth. we can't shop or do any thing without computers if computers broke down banks will tell you to wait for the next many days we have lost control to them already .cars everything is moving to high defination now. I have a phone that I bought for 600 dollars it is a high definition phone so what else we have them in control already
@Beruang (1309)
• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
Everything is possible I guess. However, the idea of robots taking over this world is a little bit far fetched although theoretically that could be possible provided that the so called artificial intelligence has risen to a stage where it is self aware or something like that. Sometimes, we are influenced by those many science fiction movies that show how in the future robots are taking over the world from humans. Movie such as Terminator are showing us the destruction of our civilization when robots have taken over. I think there are many more movies that shows how bad things are if robots were to rule the world. Have you seen any movie where robots would save human civilization and make it a better place for everyone to live in. I have not seen any movie that have done that because it would be awesome to show robots as our savior for a change. Anyway, back to your question, I would say that it would be a very slim chance for the world to be taken over by robots in this near future. But if we are talking about a few centuries later, them who knows that could be true. Cheers!