new discussions=cash?

United States
November 13, 2008 11:30am CST
How many new discussions should you post a day to actually start see the money add up? I'm at a whopping 58 cents. and how many comments? It can be tough to come up with new ideas. I'm struggling.
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• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
That's not bad actually for your count. Well, just read people's discussions, if you have something to say about it, do so.. They usually give more if you write more in your response.. Do make sure that your response is at least 5-6 lines long. If it's more, great.. cause you will be paid more.. I know sometimes it's hard to answer some discussions, but find things that you have something in common with, something you can talk about. And if you still have no clue, write about things you have wrote about, sure, it will seem quite boring.. but you're still earning money on it as well.. And also, it does help because then you'll be a little more used to the discussion topic as well.. Also, you will be able to answer things quicker as well.. And it's better if you get best response.. Yes, for best response, it helps with your rating once you get it, but you will get more credibility for your responses, and some people to choose best responses because of that.. :) I do hope I helped you out on this.. Well, Have a great day and good luck with this issue.. I wish you all the best!
@rainmark (4302)
13 Nov 08
Well i only few new discussions coz my brain sometimes is not working lolz. So i just keep responding as much as i can with three to four sentences. And for the new discussions you need to post with quality one and if you got 20 responses and comments from it you earn extra bunos and im not sure how much only mylots knows. So just keep posting and mylotting. Cheers!
@lilcee (2703)
• United States
13 Nov 08
I'm struggling too. I got paid once but this month I haven't been able to do much on here. It's hard finding good discussions, at least for me. And I can't seem to think about a discussion to start. For me it's easier to just respond than to start a discussion. I keep track of how many I do. I try to respond to at least 20-25 discussions a day and write at least 3 or 4 lines. That should get you around 25 - 30 cents. Good luck and happy lotting.