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November 13, 2008 12:00pm CST
So today I was talking to some friends and we were all saying how horrible it would be if you lived in the 1700's because of all the technology they lacked. We said things like, "Man that would suck not having the internet!" And other random stuff like that. so that made me think about what the world will be like in 300 years. Do you think future civilization will look back and think that people at the beginning of the new millennium were idiots? What do you think the future will be like? How will people travel the world? When will the earth end and how? Post what you think, Im curious.
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@Marie5656 (336)
• United States
13 Nov 08
Remember though, you cannot miss what you never had, or never knew even existed. In the 1700s I am sure they had "modern conveniences" that people from 100 yearsw earlier did not have. I am sure the people of our future, 200 years from now will have much in the way of technology that we have never even dreamed of. Or not. You never know where the future of humanity will land. We may all just end up nuking each other 50 years from now and that will be it.