Then A Black Maria Comes

November 13, 2008 12:06pm CST
No sign of light No sign of darkness nearby Evening clouds as usual Catching on the spreading twilight Across the deserted throughfare Lengthening in twirling black smokes At the zabraskite point Beyond the long stretch of tearing silence Then a black maria comes Turning around the sickle cell dwellings Northwesterly dusk coldly silhouetted Between squatting slums and leapfrogging children The men in muftis call out the long subpoena Busting the chests of the poor souls in quadruple shreds The flesh of desires jump off the ground Subsoiled collar bones of the copper chrome skullcaps drop At the last gaspings of the frolicing grasshoppers The swaying anthem chokes the tearing silence That blocks the sounds of the sundial of the midnight sun And then erupted the volcano The larvae of the croaking souls died in silky penumbra That scripted a long standing tale of raing blood Dyed in fluffy wools of algebraic order by disorder in the republic.
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