How to prevent Computer Radiation??

@ranran (29)
November 13, 2008 7:33pm CST
Hi ,I'm a computer worker.Everyday I almost use computer beyond five hours.So when I get off work late I always feel tired,especially my eyes.Also I feel my skin turns rougher and rougher.How can I do?
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• India
25 Nov 08
hmm i dont thnk in today's PC's its such a big issue
• Sri Lanka
17 Nov 08
im also facing the same problem,but dunno wot to do. my eyes are also irritated and red now,,
@arialgrs (130)
• Greece
14 Nov 08
None household apparatus does not emit radioactivity. It is called electromagnetic energy. Turn out to be bad for the body, however much more pitting air in the house yourself, both at high risk to raise your body you and the others. Sure there is the view that the current household emitting devices such as the wi fi router is low and does not pose a risk to humans. I am of the view that the less electromagnetic waves to put our life the better. Appliances that are not necessary be good to avoid them, even if we make life a little easier...