protect tigers

@simon611 (598)
November 14, 2008 2:22am CST
Tiger is a kind of catamount animal.It looks like a cat,but much big than a cat.They have yellow and black all over its body and it looks verybeautiful.Tigers live in the forest and small animals in the forest are tigers' food.But now there are fewer tigers in the world.Why?Every one knows that it is because of human beings.with the improvement of our living standards,the beautiful animal are facing extinction.We shoud do something to protct tigers.
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@njblair (230)
• China
8 Feb 09
Hi friend!You are right!Tigers are rare animals.It is our duty to protect them.It is better for nature..Lol...Best wishes and happy mylotting!:)
@youless (104244)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Jan 09
I agree with you. Since I like cats, so I also like tigers. In fact there are many animals that we shall protect, including tigers. I love China
@rajjo_me (36)
• India
19 Jan 09
i completely agree with your thought. i think tigers are the most beautiful animals on the face of the Earth, specially the Siberian tiger, which is the largest in the world. i am thinking of starting an awareness web page for tiger protection. I really do not understand how any one can harm such an elegant creature. I think it is up to the young generation to raise their voice for this cause. we can use the media and the web to create awareness all around the world.