What to do to about scars.

rose - pink rose
November 7, 2006 3:23pm CST
I just had an operation in my face.At my sheek. I am affraid to have a nasty scar. What can I do to prefent the scar to become a ugly on.
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• United States
8 Nov 06
Much of scarring has to do with the surgeon and his ability to sew. There are also genetic factors (like people who tend towards keloid scarring where their body produces too much tissue and you end up with a lump type scar.) There used to be on the market an over the counter product called hydrosulfasol that pretty much smelled like rotten eggs (sulfer based) that would heal a wound almost over night with little to no scarring. The FDA in it's wisdom has made it impossible to get except by Rx and those are usually only given to folks dying of skin cancer. You might check with your physician to see if you can get this (it used to be a salve but now I understand it can only be obtained in liquid form) It was taken off the market because testing showed if you used it every day for 30 years you MIGHT end up with some kind of blood disease. (I do not know anyone who would use something that smelled like rotten eggs every day for any length of time.. but such is the wisdom of the FDA.) Other than that, vitamin E has been used on scars to reduce their prominence. Consider that a scar frequently means you have survived. On the cheek it might even appear to be a dualing scar, which can be the source of some dashing adventure tale...
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• United States
10 Jan 07
You can try using vitamin E oil or aloe to it.
• Netherlands
10 Jan 07
Thanks. I can try that. I just got some creme from my docter but I don't have the feeling it helps. I'm gonna try the aloe.