facebook is to make friends but is it friendly

@mtata23 (354)
November 14, 2008 3:56am CST
facebook is one the popular social bookmarking sites today available on internet. unlike twitter you can make friends only if the other person accepts you as friend. I feel somewhat unpleasant at this thought. I am friendly to everybody. I do not need permission to be other's friends. It is like to ask anybody can i say hello to you or not? It is my opinion. what do you say?
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@Beruang (1309)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 08
Have you heard about Friendster? I was on Friendster before I moved to Facebook. It is the nature of any social networking sites that you must be accepted by the other person in other to be friends. Facebook has made it easy for people to be friends. Let me tell you a little bit about Friendster. In there, you must know or have some information about the other person if you want to be friends. For example, you must know their email address before you can request to be friends. In Facebook, you do not need that. You only need to request to be friends and based on experience, people on a social networking sites are there to make friends and out 0f 100 requests, you can easily get 99 acceptance. The reason you need to be accepted is simple. You do not want to simply add people that would not be nice to you. Let me give you a simple example. Let say you believe in God and suddenly somebody requested you to be friends. You check out their profile and found out that the person is somebody who are making fun of the God that you believe. Do you still want to accept this person as your friend? Well my example could be a bit extreme but that is the whole idea behind the request and accept policy. Anyway, in my opinion, Facebook is the best social networking site that I have been a member of so far. Cheers!