This is how I make an extra $$140.00 a month

United States
November 14, 2008 4:57am CST
I spent alot of time researching legit money making online.There are no get rich quick ways to make money. At least not that I am aware of. I only bother with the free sites because I've found that , if they ask YOU to pay it's probably alot of bull. I am still researching differnt methods-right now im trying out bustablog. But here are 2 links to sites i know are the real deal,have researched and am presently working for me. You fill out offers-both sites have totally free-no credit card needed or required catagories. So you Never have to spend a dime! They also have great referal programs-simple and legit.Good luck and please sign up under my links so that i will get credit! and the other really good one http://cashcrate.com890861
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• United States
14 Nov 08
I don't care for either of those really. The GPT sites just never really worked for me. DealBarbiePays was okay for a minute but I got tired of all the junk mail. I set up a whole new Yahoo account just for the GPT sites and you WOULD NOT BELIEVE the junk I get. I check it about once a week and my bulk mail folder has over 1,000 messages each time.
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@jukkish (54)
• Finland
2 Dec 08
Why this post is not deleted? Because people who reply to posts inlcuding referral links, they loose their earned points too.
@jackiew (915)
• Canada
2 Dec 08
I joined cash crate and all my offers go to pending.After about two weeks .none go through.I can't get one offer to pay me on that site.I even read the tips page.Nothing works for me.
@dvschic (1795)
• United States
14 Nov 08
good sites the both of them. get the banner codes from their websites, and put them on your profile. its much safer than posting the referral links here and getting your discussion deleted. also, check out marketing pond for building a downline in those two sites, all my cash i get from cashcrate is just residual from my downlines, i dont think i've completed an offer in 3 months.
@pierone (1895)
• Italy
14 Nov 08
tzk, tzk, read the guidelines. you can post your reflinks in your profile. In discussions is forbidden ;)
@cornyman (1128)
• Germany
14 Nov 08
please don't spam your referral links in the forum.. you are only allowed to post them in your profile. just do it and make new friends :-)