When does a democratic society become undemocratic?

November 7, 2006 3:26pm CST
In an English newspaper that I purchased yesterday in France, someone raised the idea of asking their MP's (Members of Parliament - Similiar to Senators I think) to set up secure websites where their own constituents (people that live in their area) could vote on matters before the MP was to vote on them in Parliament (Congress?). The idea was struck down by MP's who said that with that system in place, they would not be needed. I disagree, I think that the idea is brilliant. The MP is supposed to vote how the majority would wish to vote in his/her constituency and this surely would only serve to make that easier. Perhaps this is an indication that the MP's do not actually want to do their jobs in representing their people, preferring instead to represent their party. Surely this is undemocratic? If we have the power and technology to allow people to register their views to help their MP to consider the correct vote, should that not be instigated as a requirement? Is that not Democracy at it's finest? Discuss. Thanks for Reading.
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• Italy
7 Nov 06
this is true
@shellyrios (1212)
• United States
7 Nov 06
When it is no longer a government by the people.........