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November 14, 2008 6:16am CST
"SID Dec 1, 2008 Are Sonny and Carly Over? Now that GH's Jax and Carly are on the outs, and since history tends to repeat itself (especially on soap operas!), might Carly wind up falling back into Sonny's arms? The In Depth Story: Carly is a creature of habit. Mostly bad habits. And when she gets quite a shock on Thanksgiving-and not of the overdone-turkey variety!-the poor thing is going to need a little tender, loving care. And who better to give than Sonny? "It's not a conscious thing," head writer Robert Guza Jr. says of Carly's obsessive pull to Sonny. "If you were to ask her, she would say, 'Jax, I love you. You're the most important person in my life, along with my children.' And she means that." However, adds the scribe, Carly's bonds with both her ex-husband and her best friend, Jason, are ties that perhaps no other man can sever. "She has such a profound history with Sonny and Jason that it's a reflex she cannot change," he says. "When they're in trouble, she goes to them. When she's in trouble, she immediately thinks of Jason to get her out of it. In Carly's mind, that is not meant in any way a sleight of Jax because she loves Jax. She wants to be married to Jax; she wants to have a family with him. She doesn't want to do that with Sonny or Jason." But a little unattached nookie with a familiar ex is okay, right? At least it is in Carly's eyes . ." Sick. Just sick. Carly needs to move on. For that matter, so does Sonny. They do try. Seems Jax has had enough and will lean on Kate more and more. Will Sonny follow through on his marriage to Claudia now that Katie has dumped him? Will SKate ever really be over, or bounce back and forth the same as CarSon??? New man coming for Carly...Hmmm maybe. Will Sonny and Olivia have a--- errrr another fling??? Will Sonny ever realize he caused this upcoming horrendous mob war???
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15 Nov 08
I"m so bored with SOnny/Carly - I have been fast forwarding it lately! Also SOnny and Kate! And Robin/Patrick. And Luke/Laura. And Johnny/Lulu. And...okay, I'll take Jason/Liz but would prefer to see Jason/Sam and Lucky/Liz, but I just wish Sam and Lucky could get a break and be happy for awhile - together or with others. And why did the burn Kelly's! I mean, Kelly's IS Port Charles.. Take away Kelly's and Port Charles is on life support! First they take away the "medicine room" then they take away "7th Floor Nurses station" and now Kelly's - Port Charles just fading into the sunset!!!! And it will be interesting or even a twist of fate (hopefully!) as to who the actual Russian mob boss is - I say it is Cassidine related!!! They are Russian originally.
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14 Nov 08
I really wish Carson would reunite.