Where are my smiley faces?

United States
November 14, 2008 9:19pm CST
I made 200 responses! Do I get something, like smiley faces to add to my responses or questions? If I do...where are they? Help please!
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@Humbug25 (12551)
15 Nov 08
goldencici97 Well done on reaching 200 posts and having the reward of the use of smileys! I do hope you are enjoying mylot and look forward to your next reward at 500 posts!
@LadyMarissa (12160)
• United States
15 Nov 08
If you still can't use them, log off & then log back on or wait until they update which may be tomorrow morning. I had to log off & on to get mine going. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 200. 500 will be your next step up!!!
@YamiKiba (938)
• United States
15 Nov 08
Congrats. xD In all honesty, I never knew that mylot code link opened the place where you can make smilies haha. Smilies are so fun to use though. (: