Its is ok to wait the girl you love in many years..?

November 15, 2008 12:13am CST
i have a friend experience that situation, untill know he still waiting to the girl he love... its ok to wait the girl you love or not? what you can say....
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• Philippines
24 Nov 08
ofcourse yes! its really really okey if you wait the gurl and if you know also that gurl love you too so your waiting for something.. i believe that true love waits!.. there are lots of reason why some people doing this and sometimes we have to understand them fully we should not be selfish because selfish turns to nothing just feel free to let her free that so by the time comes she wont find some better than you .. you know what if you let your feel prevail then nothing happens especially if the gurl is working hard for her future .. we should sometimes consider some important reason........ you know what all you have to do is to maintain what is your atitudes towards her but there is a conventional wisdom says and its really true and proven even me .... people change true the years especially if a person think that he or she waits too much and he cant wait anymore so he find another one .... and if that would happened be sure your not going to feel bad after you replace her because you found out that she or he works hard for your future! so good LUCK!
@mssnow (9493)
• United States
15 Nov 08
It i ok to wait if you truly love someone. If you wait and are patient you will show her that she is worht waiting for. Or I mean your friend can. That might just make her think more of your friend and be with him. So yes its ok to wait