It's Miss Herbavore To You

United States
November 15, 2008 1:57pm CST
I am a vegitarian and have been for some time, i was for 5 years to before for various reasons, then ended up eating it again, but for about a year or more now again i have been since i have educated myself on the meat processing in America. When i tell someone i dont eat meat about 80% of the time i am looked down upon, like something is wrong with me. I go to a weekly lunch and without fail the cook mentions something subtly every time about me not eating meat. whats the deal, if im not comfortable eating flesh, or dont trust the processing, why would i eat it? if it was chocolate or anything else i would stop, why is there such a large emphasis on meat. My boyfriend is from a pverty ridden country where for a long time they did not have the luxury to go to the market and to survive had to eat meat, which has now become his favorite food. He argues that cows could not live without our guidance and their sole purpose is to serve us. I argue that the idea of eating something that breathed before, or i can see the blood makes me not interested, but 70% of it is the trust issue. I have a well balanced diet without the meat and feel 100 times better than before when i did eat it. When i went to his home everyone couldnt let a meal pass without muttering something about my eating habits. Whats the deal.
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