Do you go for a morning walk ?

November 15, 2008 3:07pm CST
personally i hate to wake up at 6 am but my mom usually drives me crazy if i dont , i feel half dead when i wear shoes but once i'm outside i actually start feeling better ! its the best time to feel alive when no ones awake and its calm ! Do you go for one ?
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• New Zealand
16 Nov 08
Hello Archie_14, Yes...Walking first thing in the morning, is very refreshing for anyone...I find my body is overtired and feel quite lethargic...My neighbour picks me up around 7:40am, and we start our hour walk together...We live by the beach and at our beach are the campgrounds...There is 135 steps that go from the campgrounds, up to what we call here the 'reserve'...It's is an area for strolling, with netball/basketball courts etc...Every morning we walk up our road, turn round and walk back down, cut into Omana, cut through our local Fire Hut, walk down to beach, walk along beach, then up those steps...I tell yah...I was so unfit it nearly killed me!...hehe...But now I am used to them and can sometimes go up the steps, two steps at a time!...I love starting the day like this...
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
16 Nov 08
I am not a morning person myself, but the few times I have had to get up early it is a nice time to be out and about, I also like walking at night although not all that wise these days, but there is something about walking around at these times when there is no one else around, its like being in a world of your own...