MegaLido is not sustainable long term.

United States
November 15, 2008 4:11pm CST
MegaLido's payment system, even with the new 36 day time, can't succeed long term. With just 1,000 people investing $6,000 each at 44% profit MegaLido will have to pay out $8,640,000 every 36 days. For the long term every one of their current 26,030 members will reach the maximum $6,000 investment because people will keep reinvesting their earnings. That means every 36 days they will have to pay out $224,899,200. Before the update they were looking at having to take in over $8,640,000 every 12 days once they reached 1,000 members investing $6,000 each. This new update pushed back MegaLido's doomsday but the end result is still the same.
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@SaviourV (258)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 08
Saviour-V teleports in... You got a point there. That pretty much means that this month, I get no profit from any AlertPay funds invested with them. Silly me. Mum's going to throw a fit if she finds out. Unless there's a way of actually getting back my funds. Any ideas? Also, what are you on, currently? Saviour-V teleports out...
@bigtom1 (1573)
15 Nov 08
I think i also said something about that already but got not so nice replies from people. These sites will always disappear no matter what its only how intelligent the owner is that will make them stay on for sometime longer than other ponzi schemes. people will be overshadowed by the current profits they might make and will not realise when the guy on the other end decides to pull the trigger. The maths clearly shows it there! & Then the next thing we will have is a mylot full of megalido scammed me