If she invited you to attend her wedding, is it possible to go to the wedding?

@pzygtt (193)
November 15, 2008 8:21pm CST
Do you miss your first love and first lover strongly?Would you feel sorry if she is going to marry anther man? If she invited you to attend her wedding,is it possible to go to the wedding feast for you? Are you sure you won't feel blue,you still can keep sober? Actually,it's really an annoying thing for us.I have a view that if you think a girl is the only girl you love, please love with all your heart.Never let regret left. All my friends, wish you will find the true love sincerely!
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• India
21 Nov 08
its quite hard to go to marriage of a person whom we love more than any one...if this situation comes with me....i will unable to even stand up in front of myself...i will definately loose my senses....because first love is really a magic upon us...most of the time...boys and gals just say i love u without any feelings...in this case for them it will be nt more than a joke....according to me if this situation comes in boy's life..if he loves her very much....it will be the hardest moment of his life...
@pzygtt (193)
• China
22 Nov 08
Right,agree with you! If it's me,no dout I wouldn't. Which country are you from?I think we can make good friends here! Happy posting!Good luck!
@jlamela (4905)
• Philippines
25 Nov 08
No, I won't definitely attend the wedding of the person I once loved, or still love. It is like witnessing your agony and misery. Right now, there's a person I truly love but seems his attention is focused to somewhere else, I know that he has no girlfriend because we have this so called mutual understanding. Everytime I imagined him married to someone else, my heart bleed. So the situation where, he would invite me one day to his wedding made me sick!