the first day of getting internet connection at home!i was more happy than ever!

November 15, 2008 11:48pm CST
the first day i got my internet connection. i was so happy!!! and i mean really happy! i stared in frony my laptop for a good 5 hours, surfing, checking my mails, joining sites, and most of all looking for something to earn money. it is already a living fact that there are lot of things to do on the internet, for me, it seems like i do not have much time to do it. hahaha! it has been 4 days now since i got my internet and i have been on the computer on my vacant time since then. i used to just go to internet cafes before, and i realized that i can do more if i have it at home. i have officially expanded my online capabiltiy. i am so happy! i am learning more things than before here online. how bout you? the topic might be to cliche but hey! it was one of your first times..
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• Sri Lanka
16 Nov 08
Ye i now i was sooo happy i had so many sites to visits so many stuff to do....... and i was sooooooo happyyyy hehehehe
• India
16 Nov 08
wow! me too try keepin it secure.. it will help in the long run!