every year on your birthday, have u ever thought about your mom?

November 16, 2008 12:37am CST
every year we will spend our birthday. someone dislikes that day, but they think it means they r 1 year older; others will celebrate that, with friends, or family members, or in other ways. no matter u r sad or happy, have u ever thought about your mom?? she is one who born u painfully and bring u up try her best, of course with your dad;). should't we thank for our mom and celebarte for her on our birthday?!
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• United States
16 Nov 08
Ever since my daughter was born, I only notice her birthday and don't give much thought to my own. I never think about my own mother on my birthday. She tells me how effortlessly I was born (c-section) and how I had it so easy from the very beginning. She didn't raise me but instead left me with someone she knew was abusive (my birthfather) so no, I don't really have anything to thank my mother (or father) for. Happy MyLotting!
• China
16 Nov 08
when i made this top, i also considered about poeple like u who has the different experience from me. yes, not all the moms could make their children feel thankful for them. but if we have no a thankful mom, maybe we could try to be a thankful and respectable mom for our children. i guess this is the good way;) happy mylotting!
@pierone (1895)
• Italy
16 Nov 08
Hello lao po, when i spend my birthday i think to all the people that have a birthday on feb 29. How much lucky they are! They became old only once every 4 years ;) And, of course, i think to my mom in that day. To be sincere i think to her quite daily ;) Now let me wish you happy birthday in advance! happy myLotting, Wilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@bestie (3246)
• Philippines
16 Nov 08
I do...When I celebrated my birthday early this year I did treat my mom.