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November 16, 2008 5:30am CST
Hi folks. My partner has a small dependency problem with alcohol. She's tough and strong, so I know she can deal with it - she's just decided to take things in hand, two days ago - but I wondered if anyone could share tips on things I can do to help her through what will undoubtedly be a difficult time. I've booked a week off work already, to make sure I'm here for her if she needs me when the withdrawal hits, and I'm about to make sure there are no bottles lying around to remind her. Anything else I can do to give her a little extra help?
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18 Nov 08
I can totaly relate with what you are going thru. My husband is an recovering alocholic and has been for almost a year. He too is a strong and amasing indvidual who needed/s alot of support. It sounds like you are doing an great job. One thing that I found that helped me help him was I went to Alanon meetings. It helped me understand what he was going thru and would be experiencing. Another thing that we did was we turned to Subliminal Persuasion Self Hypnosis. We have a family memeber that used this to help him stop smoking. It really and truly works! If you are interested you can go to www.potentialsunlimited.com. There you will find the CD that will be fit your situation. Good luck to you and yours.
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21 Nov 08
An interesting thought - maybe something we'll try! Quick update before closing the thread: more than a week has passed and she's doing GREAT. Still very, very positive - has been for job interviews and all sorts of stuff. Woohoo!
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16 Nov 08
intorduce here to yoga, try this www.divyayoga.com
16 Nov 08
Thanks, replies are all appreciated. I'd thought about that, but she doesn't get on very well with yoga! *D'oh* She has started working out regularly, so that's something to encourage - along the same lines, but her own choice of exercise. We've also decided to go out walking regularly. We live near the sea, which is very calming.