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November 16, 2008 9:02am CST
Toilet Tissue...LOL, I know this can be gross, but hear me out first please... We ran out of the table tissue,so, I got a clean,unused roll of toilet tissue from the cupboard. I was anticipating some "violent reactions" LOL, from my family so, I cut the toilet tissues into squares and placed them on the table. My 16 year old son was the first to notice..."MOm! this is gross!",LOL!,that was for lunch...but for dinner,I used the,again=unused roll of paper towel,they didnt complain much anymore.LOL. Would you do what I did?the toilet paper on the table...LOL, Im not going to do it again. I prefer to use the paper table napkin as the cloth table napkin would require washing every after use. Since there are 4 of us,12 cloths will be used everyday. I know that using paper table tissues would mean more trees to make paper,but I need to save on water and soap and time...Oh,I dont know...I just had to settle on the most practical...cheaper and no maintainance.Tnx for hearing me out...
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• Philippines
16 Nov 08
First I counted your LOL's there are 5! so you must really be laughing out loud upon writing this hehe.. Its really GROSS! MOM! lol. well, dont do that again next time. if my mom do that thing I will also shout, MOM! THIS IS GROSS! hehe take care thanks for sharing..