D o u know who has 2 differnt personalities?

November 16, 2008 3:02pm CST
Im talking about the normal you and the psycho u. I had that experience and kind of liked it. Well the reason i say that is because i had total differnt outlook on other people. Especially if they made me mad. They didnt like it to well. Cuz they didnt like what i had to say. Besides that anyway i was tired of getting treated the way people wanted to treat me so u know they called me psycho jim. Psycho jim seemed to more control of himself then jim did, and the people wouldnt mess with psycho jim. The regular jim let people walk on him and do what they wanted. We will have to see if in time if we will see psycho jim or with the boring jim.
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@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
17 Nov 08
My mom has always said my older sister and her daughter have split personalities but we later came to find out that it is Bi-polar systems. And really bad mood swings from hel.l. When I take and take and take all that I can and the dam finally breaks others don't like me as well. I can go from sweetheart to bee-yatch when pushed to far and they know they pushed far enough and then leave me alone.
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
16 Nov 08
Sometimes I wished I could be more like Psycho Jim. It seems like people are always running over top of me, or taking advantage of my good hearted ways. I wished I could be tougher on people and tell them exactly what I think. Then again, if I were like that, what would my friends be like. Would I have a totally different set of friends, or would it be the same ones? If it were the same set of friends, would they act differently around me? Hmmm, your discussion has brought a lot of questions to mind. I hope you can stand up for yourself when necessary, but I hope people don't consider you to be psycho. Thanks for starting this discussion, and have a great day!