how many emails you have

@suntuu (294)
November 16, 2008 4:33pm CST
i have total of 10 email addresses and i don't know why i register that lot,maybe just for fun but i use only one of them and i think i never signed in other of my emails. so guys how many email addresses you have
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• Philippines
16 Nov 08
I only have 2 e-mail addresses, one for my personal use and the other one for our lotusnotes in the office (for official/business use).
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@alexudy (131)
• United States
16 Nov 08
I have 14 email addresses because i use GPT sites like treasuretrooper and I switch my email address often.
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@molloy (136)
4 Dec 08
i have around about 6 different email address but i still use the one i made back in 2004 so all the new ones i have made i seem to just forget them and carry on with the 2004 one. i think its cause its the only one i actually like the sound of to be honest.
• New Zealand
20 Nov 08
LOL ... I stopped counting when I reched twenty. I have some with , some with , some with, some with and many many other. I open a new email address as soon as I start some thing new, such as a project or a web or blog. I think the reason why people have so many email addresses is because they are free and they usually takes about a minute oe two to create. Happy mylotting all
@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
16 Nov 08
I have 6 hotmail addresses and 1 yahoo account. I keep creating new ones when I start a new project, for example when I thought I would start using survey sites, so that all emails from them would go to one address. It never works out that way though, I keep thinking I am being organised and I just get more disorganised with each one I create.