November 16, 2008 5:53pm CST
Couldn't find anything about this one via Search either, so figured I'd post it up for all you folks who are of the literary ilk... anyone know anything about it? The terms of service are really simple and in bad English, which always makes me wonder if it's a scam. Especially since they demand the exact name on your PayPal account... hmmm.
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• Canada
17 Nov 08
Ive also seen this website, and I beleive it is a scam. It might not be though because I havent requested payment yet, but I do beleive it is because, as you said, it requires the exact name on your PayPal account, and it doesn't have a PayPal Certified sticker anywhere on the site ( I useally only go to sites with that sticker). Still, im open to new ideas on if it's a scam or not. Happy MyLotting, and stay scam-free! -Branko